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It’s good to be bad!

There have been many weeks of celebrating our wonderful Disney heroines and heroes, but where would they be without their villains? It’s time to make an entire week devoted to our favorite evil friends. Each day, there will be a new prompt! Feel free to post gifsets, photosets, art, etc. Keep in mind this includes Pixar as well. Tag everything you make with #villainsweek !

Day 1 (July 20th) - Favorite underrated villain

Day 2 (July 21st) - Favorite villain song

Day 3 (July 22nd) - Favorite villain’s clothing

Day 4 (July 23rd) - Most evil/disgusting villain

Day 5 (July 24th) - Best/funniest villain moment

Day 6 (July 25th) - Best villain death/defeat

Day 7 (July 26th) -This day is dedicated to your overall favorite villain!

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I wanna do this!!

You see, he was her beginning, and she was his end. And it continued on and on. After all, she promised him forever.


Say something, I’m giving up on you

"Say Something" by A Great Big World featChristina Aguilera


Her name was Rose


DW / Mean Girls Crossover

Requested by: likeabookonashelf


i decided a new rt meme needed to be made, so here’s to you artists/gif makers/etc! <3 [gift credit to the lovely officialgavinofree]

  • favorite male rt member
  • favorite female rt member
  • favorite lad
  • favorite gent
  • favorite team (three+) 
  • favorite duo
  • favorite bromance (or ship)
  • favorite stage name (mogar/xray&vav/mad king/etc)
  • favorite animal from ryan’s house
  • favorite sports playthrough (olympics/wwe/fishign pro)
  • minecraft or gta
  • favorite minecraft lp?
  • favorite gta lp?
  • favorite joel and adam lp/moment
  • favorite game shows let’s play/moment
  • favorite rvb character/voice actor
  • favorite rwby character/voice actor
  • favorite rvb song
  • favorite rwby song
  • a simple walk or strangerhood
  • rt shorts or animated adventures 
  • rt recap or ahwu
  • burnie or joel
  • blaine or jj
  • favorite rage quit
  • favorite running joke (mark nutt/juh bl/mad king/flynt coal)
  • favorite rt life
  • favorite slow mo guys
  • favorite gauntlet moment
  • favorite gauntlet team
  • favorite behind the scenes
  • scene you wish was an behind the scenes
  • scene you wish was an rtaa


How long are you going to stay with me? Forever.


i tell you what dale-kun! ^o^


So remember how Ten got his hand cut off in The Christmas Invasion? And then he grew a new hand?


Well, that hand is slightly newer than the rest of his body, so when he regenerated, that hand still had some of the Doctor’s Tenth regeneration in it, and occasionally it reminds the Eleventh Doctor of that fact. It does this by doing things like letting Eleven know when he’s being stupid. As seen here: